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Rutherford & Titan helps businesses in the United States produce industrial gas supply on-site — from nitrogen, oxygen, argon, helium, and hydrogen. Most importantly, our experts help design and build the best system to increase productivity and reduce costs.


Building a Reliable Industrial Gas Supply

Today our deep understanding of gas industry trends and business requirements allows us to collaborate with customers around the world to create smart industrial gas solutions that deliver competitive advantage.

At Rutherford & Titan, our goal is to provide our clients with the best quality products and tailored services to build a reliable gas supply within their facilities with minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.

Two experts building a reliable gas supply within their facilities with minimal downtime and maximum efficiency
Industrial gas supply can be stored in large tanks

On-Site Industrial Gas Generators

Our high-performance gas generators have a minimal footprint, improved efficiency, and good sound insulation. They can fit in most business facilities — from dermatologist practices to large industrial complexes.

Save Up To 90%

Businesses see ROI as soon as six months after investing in a generator.

Guarantee On-Site Supply

No more delivery uncertainties. Produce what you need when you need it.

RT Smart Systems

Production, Storage, Transfer, and Safety

RT offers different products necessary for the safe and efficient transfer and storage of liquid Nitrogen — including maintenance and monitoring systems.

We tailor our solutions to meet your application’s specifications and carefully source products to build efficient systems and never compromise quality. 


Experts In All Things Cryogenics

Get premium service from engineers who have seen it all. Our team of experienced experts help you build the best gas supply and distribution systems.

Two RT experts showing LN2 pipes


Every operation is unique. We help you plan a custom or turnkey solution that works for you.

LN2 Tanks and piping maintenance engineers woman inspect relay protection system of machinery and holding digital tablet with copy space. Industry, Maintenance, Engineering and construction concept.


Our nationwide network of technicians is on standby to provide remote or on-site maintenance, minimizing downtime.

Worker standing at control sensors of a car for liquid nitrogen (oxygen, argon) transportation and controlling process of a liquid loading


Our team quickly and efficiently installs your system while minimizing operational disruption.

RT experts helping upgrade industrial gas supply and reconfiguring system for maximum efficiency


As your partner, we help you continually upgrade and reconfigure your system for maximum efficiency.

What Clients Say About Us
Wayne England - CEO @ IVF Michigan
Wayne England - CEO @ IVF Michigan
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Such an easy system to use, and we save about $35K a year from using it.
Nawfel Oussedik - CEO
Nawfel Oussedik - CEO
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Amir has a very deep knowledge of the cryo market and knows what works best. We're very happy to have him as our partner.
Pavel Romashkin @ Staff Directory @ University of Atmospheric Research
Pavel Romashkin @ Staff Directory @ University of Atmospheric Research
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Robust, works great, and portable. Got the job done when nothing else would have worked at that location.

Produce, Store, Transfer, and Secure Industrial Gas Supply

We offer an extensive range of essential products, from on-site liquid nitrogen generators to bulk storage tanks for Oxygen, Argon, and other industrial gases.

Oxygen Generators
Liquid Nitrogen Generators
LabGas Nitrogen Generators
Hydrogen Generators
Helium Compressors
Gas Safety Systems
Cryogenic Hoses & Pipes
Bulk Storage Tanks

Frequently Asked Questions

From cryogenic piping to on-site industrial gas generation, our engineering team answers the most frequently asked questions. 

Having MLI insulation allows you to save on nitrogen, as stainless would evaporate at a higher rate as there is no thermal insulation.

A portable O2 monitor is for use when technicians are moving in and out of facilities that may have nitrogen on site.

They are short term monitors, usually 1-2 years in lifespan and are not robust enough for a permanent fixture inside a facility.

This is why we always recommend either a 3 or 10-year monitor on site.

This depends on the end molecule in use for that particular application. Give us a call to understand more. 

This all depends on the end application use point and what is needed for that particular site.

1.5kw to 45kw, it just depends on the size of the system and how much nitrogen you are needing to produce.

We want to ensure the ambient temperature of the room is cool, ideally with air-con and humidity is controlled.

The most important factor is heat extraction as some nitrogen generators can produce a lot of heat.

US Engineer checking Liquid Nitrogen pipes
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Maintaining a reliable gas supply can be a costly endeavor, and the costs are not always obvious when you are first trying to establish your budget.

Get in touch, and our experts will discuss your needs, help layout requirements, and find the best approach to address your supply challenges. 

Liquid Nitrogen Cost In The United States

Over 80% of The Market Is Overpaying For Liquid Nitrogen. Are You Too?