Produce your own supply on-site

Liquid Nitrogen Generators

Investing in on-site liquid nitrogen generation means you can use what you need when you need it. You no longer have to worry about scheduling deliveries, managing supply, and dealing with ever-increasing nitrogen prices.

Photo of a liquid nitrogen generator is a device that helps you procure your nitrogen supply on-site
The basics

How Liquid Nitrogen Generators Work

A liquid nitrogen generator is a device that helps you procure your nitrogen supply on-site — an alternative to bulk delivery that gained in popularity over the past decade.

Nitrogen generators are powered by electricity. They pump ambient air and then separate nitrogen molecules from the oxygen molecules using either Nitrogen Membrane or Pressure Swing Adsorption — PSA technologies.

Liquid nitrogen generators have a few more processes to convert nitrogen gas into liquid.

As the technology evolved, newer models have a minimal footprint, improved efficiency, and sound isolation. In fact, some modes are so quiet and tiny that they fit in dermatologist practices.


Why Are Leading Businesses Switching to on-site Liquid Nitrogen Generators?

For years, labs, factories, IV clinics, dermatologists, cryotherapy studios, and other businesses have been using bulk nitrogen delivery.

So why are companies switching to on-site LN2 generators so quickly?

Predictable Liquid Nitrogen Cost & Clear ROI

With liquid nitrogen prices ever-increasing, the most significant advantage of an on-site nitrogen generator is saving you tons of money.

As a rule of thumb:

  • An LN2 generator pays for itself within 6 to 18 months.
  • The actual cost of liquid nitrogen in the United States will likely exceed the cost of leasing your generator.
  • The lifespan of a nitrogen generator can exceed ten years with minimal maintenance
You could fully own your supply within six months and save thousands of dollars every month afterward!

Steady Supply of Liquid Nitrogen

A nitrogen supplier cannot control car-park availability, weather conditions, driver absence, and truck breakdown. And you may experience hours or even days of delays.

By investing in a generator, businesses eliminate the hassle and admin of pre-ordering, scheduling deliveries, and handling dewars.

You can produce liquid nitrogen whenever you need it and never run out of supply.

Safer Operations & Handling

Dealing with nitrogen presents many risks for the operating members and the facility — still, on-site nitrogen generators lower handling risks when compared to dewars.

For instance, a leak from a nitrogen generator presents less risk of asphyxiation because it only produces nitrogen on demand, so it stores a minimal amount of LN2.

Human-induced hazards are also contained because there is no need to move and change over cylinders. It, in turn, lowers the risk of puncturing a pipe or vessel.

Amir H. Amirsadeghi — CEO

Our goal is to help customers save time and money by providing suitable solutions that we tailor to their specific needs. We use quality products and support customers every step of the way.

What Clients Say About Us
Wayne England - Operations Manager @ IVF Michigan
Wayne England - Operations Manager @ IVF Michigan
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Such an easy system to use, and we save about $35K a year from using it.
Nawfel Oussedik - CEO
Nawfel Oussedik - CEO
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RT team is highly knowledgeable about the cryo market and cryogenic applications in general.
Pavel Romashkin @ Staff Directory @ University of Atmospheric Research
Pavel Romashkin @ Staff Directory @ University of Atmospheric Research
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Robust, works great, and portable. Got the job done when nothing else would have worked at that location.
Models & Pricing

The Best Liquid Nitrogen Generators On The Market

At Rutherford & Titan, we help you integrate premium nitrogen generators into your business operations, accounting for your unique workflow and floor-plan.

USD 34,999
8 l/day
0.33 L/hour
12 months
USD 195,674
240 L/day
10 L/hour
12 months
USD 134,954
130 L/day
5.42 L/hour
12 months
USD 82,000
65 L/day
2.71 L/hour
12 months
USD 67,000
30 L/day
1.25 L/hour
12 months
USD 45,600
20 L/day
0.84 L/hour
12 months
USD 583,956
960 L/day
40 L/hour
12 months
USD 413,635
720 L/day
30 L/hour
12 months
USD 319,539
480 L/day
20 L/hour
12 months

How Businesses Are Using LN2 Generators

Liquid nitrogen generators have been gaining popularity for the past ten years. Let’s look at how businesses in various industries are using them.

By taking control of your nitrogen supply, you can significantly reduce overhead costs, guarantee you always have the nitrogen you need, and have peace of mind knowing that you are producing nitrogen with up to 99.999% purity.

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Liquid Nitrogen Supply Optimization

Maintaining a reliable nitrogen supply can be a costly endeavor, and the costs are not always obvious when you are first trying to establish your budget.

Get in touch, and our experts will discuss your needs, help layout requirements, and find the best approach to address LN2 supply challenges. 

Liquid Nitrogen Cost In The United States

Over 80% of The Market Is Overpaying For Liquid Nitrogen. Are You Too?