How On-Site Nitrogen Generation Prevents Supply Disruptions

From laser cutting to wine production, a reliable nitrogen supply is essential for many businesses. If you are using liquid nitrogen in your production process, it’s critical that you have a steady supply of nitrogen available.

Unfortunately, many businesses face supply disruption, leading to direct and indirect financial losses.

This article demonstrates how the bulk delivery model is the root cause of most LN2 supply disruptions and explains how on-site generators help maintain a reliable supply.

Deliveries Are The Main Cause of Nitrogen Supply Disruption

Most businesses try to minimize disruptions by forecasting deliveries for a few days to a couple of weeks. But there are many causes to supply disruption, and many are simply out of hand.

The truth is that nitrogen suppliers cannot control every aspect of their supply chain, with things like traffic jams, weather, and staffing issues all being problems that cannot be predicted or prevented.

On the other, bulk deliveries require businesses to tightly manage schedules, delivery areas, and storage of high-pressure dewars or tanks.
With so much to manage, there is plenty of room for errors and supply shortages.

On-site Generators Guarantee a Steady Supply of LN2

By comparison, producing nitrogen on-site is more reliable and cost-effective.

  • Generate LN2 continuously or whenever needed.
  • Cut out the kinds of disruptions that you experience.
  • Eliminate the administrative aspect of managing deliveries. You won’t need to order gas, coordinate a delivery schedule, or manage storage.

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