Cryomed – Basic

$ 29,500



Cryomed Basic cryosauna is an affordable version of the Cryomed Pro. Cryomed Basic cryotherapy system has the same level of nitrogen consumption, similar technical characteristics, and essential safety features. It has LED lighting on the top and under the cabin and can be easily customized to fit your interior design.

This cryotherapy tank model has been updated with Wi-Fi or LAN connectivity so you can receive remote software updates or diagnostics.

The idea was to design a full-body cryosauna that would keep the look of Cryomed Pro but cost less. Some features were removed to keep costs low, but none of these features affect the efficiency or of a cryotherapy session nor the quality of the machine. 

Customization Options

Custom color variations and custom logos available. Choose from 20+ exterior colors and 10+ interior colors. Call us for a complimentary quote on these customizations at (855) 550-0508. 


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