CryoNiQ – Cryo XC™

$ 50,000



The CRYO XC™ by CRYONiQ is a cryo sauna machine that uses liquid nitrogen and electricity to deliver a safe, partial-body cryotherapy experience. The system’s unique pivoting cabin doors and ease of installation allow this machine to be installed in many otherwise inaccessible locations, making it a smart choice for new cryotherapy businesses. Meanwhile, its user-friendly interface, safety features and low-humidity chamber deliver a quality experience for customers and operators alike. 

Product Highlights

  • Cooled by liquid nitrogen 
  • Powered by electricity
  • Used for whole-body cryotherapy (excluding head)
  • Pivoting cabin doors for low footprint
  • Low-humidity chamber delivers a ‘dry cool’
  • Temperature range: -180ºF to -300ºF
  • Serves up to 15 clients/hour
  • Semi-automated nitrogen flow
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and touchscreen
  • Easy installation

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In this short article, the cryo experts at Rutherford & Titan take a closer look at the CRYO XC™ system. Tap or click below to learn more about the product and discover whether investing in this system is right for your business. 

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