Nitrogen produced at 99% purity using our own PSA nitrogen generator.
Nitrogen injection system used for gas pre-cooling prior to liqueficiation.
Pressure Boost & No Loss systems increasing production efficiency


This unit, combining an LC series hydrogen generator and a ZEROAIR module, can supply H2 gas and zero air for FID detectors in Gas Chromatography.

Hydrogen is produced using an electrolytic cell with polymeric membrane (PEM), no acid or alkaline solutions are used. The LC series features a desiccant cartridge that needs to be replaced or refilled only when saturated.

Zero air is produced by purifying the compressed air supplied by the laboratory’s compressed air system, bringing total hydrocarbon concentration below 0.05 ppm.

Both sections, hydrogen and zero air, can be controlled from the same touch-screen LCD panel.

Liquid Nitrogen Cost In The United States

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