Impact – Cryo Sauna

$ 54,000


The Impact Cryotherapy Sauna

The Impact Cryotherapy Sauna (Impact Cryosauna) is a nitrogen-powered cryotherapy machine with a unique octagonal design and a number of smart features. The device offers a sleek look—featuring a laser-cut aluminum structure available in three models—that’s matched by its power, efficiency and safety. During sessions, Smart Sauna software automatically monitors conditions within the chamber, ensuring a safe and quality experience.

Product Highlights

  • Laser-Cut Anodized Aluminum Structure
  • Dual-Circuit Vapor Delivery System
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Automated Safety Protocols
  • Available in Black, White or “Elite” (featuring an aluminum frame and gleaming black panels)
  • Adjustable Platform
  • Anti-Microbial Interior Panels
  • Weight: 450 lbs
  • Compact Footprint: 7ft x 4.5ft (including stairs)
  • Low temperature of -184F
  • Made in America


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