Mecotec – Cryoair Mini Premium

$ 11,995



The ‘cryoair mini – premium’ by MECOTEC is a fully electric, localized cryo machine for targeted cold-air treatment. Used in athletic recovery, wellness/beauty and medical treatment, this device features a compact design and a simple, user-friendly interface. A highly versatile machine, the cryoair mini – premium features a variety of attachments and accessories.

Product Highlights

  • Fully electric for a safe, gentle experience
  • Localized cryo machine
  • Maximum low temperature: -25.6F (for base and premium models) or -40F (for turbo)
  • Small footprint
  • Simple interface
  • Optional accessories, including: a glass plate (for placing additional treatment devices), laser hose, treatment hose with various nozzles, and a 2-way articulated arm (for optimal hose placement)


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