RT Verified® Used CryoNiQ – Cryo XC™

$ 35,000


Save money and take advantage of free service by investing in a high-quality used CryoNiQ – Cryo XC™ that has been RT Verified® for resale.

When you purchase a used CryoNiQ – Cryo XC™ from Rutherford & Titan, you get more than ‘just’ a great machine. You also get a comprehensive range of solutions, including a complimentary 3-month service package, nitrogen brokerage and discounted installation, shipping and logistics services. Make the most of your investment by purchasing quality, reliable equipment from R&T!

Product Highlights

  • The CryoNiQ – Cryo XC™ is a cryotherapy sauna recommended by our cryogenic specialists,
  • Lightly used 2019 model with no visible damage to the exterior, all piping and vaporizer is in-tact, fan mechanism is in good working order
  • Price includes: machine, complimentary service package + discounted solutions
  • Get an excellent machine for a fraction of the cost (compared to buying new)
  • We can help you broker a deal with a local nitrogen supplier (or help you setup your own on-site nitrogen generator)
  • Discounted installation pricing
  • Discounted shipping & logistics
  • Comes with a Tier 2 Service Plan (free for 3 months)
  • RT Verified® for resale

Why Buy Used from R&T? Because, unlike the manufacturers, we offer free service and discounted installation for your machine. Plus, when you purchase through Rutherford & Titan, you know you’re getting equipment you can trust.

Buy used & buy smart with Rutherford & Titan.


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